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How it all started...
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click to see full size image The radio and music attic of
grandpa Louis Thyssen in 1947 !
He lived in St.Cybranet (France) back then,
among the first Europeans to achieve
radiocontact overseas, in 1927

(click on it to see a large version)

Julius and Hens separately started messing with radio,
music, turntables, cassette-players (and frankly just
about anything that involved electronics in some
way or the other) somewhere in the mid-seventies.
Read here why/how we started working together.

click to see full size version Typical JT HZ get-together
during school-holidays,
somewhere in the late seventies

(click on it to see a large version)

Although he can't really remember, the first vinyl Julius
bought all by himself probably has been I Wish by Stevie Wonder.
Since that day he's been wasting most of his money on music.
The first vinyl Hens bought by himself was In Dulce Jubilo
by Mike Oldfield, a fact for which he is still
embarrassed beyond measure...

Those two vinyl singles marked the start of two cousins
destined to do all that's thinkable with music and sound.
They ended up cutting sound and mixing music,
little did they know about what craze it would become
in the music industry worldwide...

click to see full size version This picture is from january 1980
Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.
Check that old tape-recorder
in the back on the left..

(click on it to see a large version)

Suddenly there was D I S C O. Tracks by Blondie, Luv', ABBA
and Giorgio Moroder were their absolute first inspirations
when they started creating medley-montages which
were like trailers of albums by those artists.

Some later mixes were created using this baby...

Whenever Julius and Hens would get together they became
very serious about their cassette-recording-mania, and
from jamming the pause-button it went upwards to cutting
and splicing quarter inch master-tapes on open-reel decks.
Occasionally they would even scare the shit out of
some unsuspected studio owner when they spliced
1 inch multitrack tapes 'just to see how it feels
to mess up one of them bad ass mothers'

click to see full size version Another very old 'studio' picture,
this one was taken the day
Banana Republic by the Boomtown Rats
was released, nov. 1980..

(click on it to see a large version)

On average they sent each other cassette tapes by snail-
mail on a monthly basis for at least 8 years in a row !
Both of them were involved in pirate-radio and so
it was only logical to play mixes from those cassettes
on air. Friends at school and neighbors liked them a lot,
so they knew they had to be doing something right. Pretty
soon they had parties, dancings and larger radio stations
to create those mixes for, and they've never had a reason
thus far to stop playing around with music and sound...

Music has undoubtedly been their first love
and will probably be their last...

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