Amsterdam, September 8, 2000

As you have undoubtedly heard from Yahoo!Geocities, they have purchased
the Webring system ( The new system is now rolling and not quite
what was expected. In addition to forcing all ring members to get a Yahoo! ID,
they have removed the HTML coding and replaced it with a generic javascript
with Yahoo!Geocities links !

This was not the original intention of when the Mixfreaks Network
Webring was created and it simply will not be used for our webring.

We have therefore moved the Ring to our own server, which currently
runs very much like the original Webring system. Unfortunately,
it requires you to re-join and get the new ring coding.
Many of you could not be contacted due to invalid email.
This is why it is so important to always be sure and update your info.

We hoped that we would be able to work with the new system they had set up,
but it is simply not possible. The Mixfreaks Network Webring will not be used
as a means for Yahoo!Geocities to further advertise.

Thank you for your continued support of the Mixfreaks Network WebRing !