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What is the Mixfreaks Network Loop ?
Why call it Loop instead of Webring ?
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What is the point of this Loop ?
Is it difficult to join the Loop ?
Is my data safe with you ?
Should I really join ?
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What is The Mixfreaks Network ?

The domain-name mixfreaks.net is provided by Frank Weda. The original mixfreaks are a group of people of dutch origin, and most sites currently in the loop are strongly affiliated with mixfreaks.nl. It is, however, NOT a loop about the members of the Dutch Mixfreaks Mailinglist. They joined forces by chaining their websites related to old/new school disco/dance mixes. With info and stories on recording, mastering and sampling or the equipment used for special (re)mixes. Also (re)mixed music is available through this loop.
In short: All about mix tapes, radio-mixes, studio-setups, european and italian disco, dj-sets, Hi NRG, techno, house, freestyle, sampling, remixing and MP3. Great loop for mixing DJ's and mix-lovers to be part of.

Why this webring ?

Purpose of The Mixfreaks Network is to form a loop of websites with information about mixes and with actual mix-files online. Advantage of a loop like this is that you reach the right audience fast and get more visitors for your site. This ring started with sites about/by (in)famous dutch (radio)mixers, and it is growing fast to be an international loop.

Why call it loop and not webring ?

Hey, why is this ring such a cool ring? Instead of just liking the latest hitsingle, we like them better when they're mixed with other tracks. Now there must be something terribly wrong with us ;-) This is a webring all the same, but since a ring in sound is called a loop, and this ring is all about music and often sounds looping with that music we might as well call it a loop.

"Should I join the loop?"

If you have a good enough original site, by all means try! Your site has to be an ADDITION to the loop though. If there are direct WORKING links to (re)mixed music not already downloadable elsewhere, click here and try to join!

What does it take to join ?

To maintain a level of quality for the ring there are requirements for your website to be able to play along in the loop:
  • Interesting facts or info about radio- and/or DJ-mixes (or about yourself if you are one) or direct WORKING links to (re)mixes should be on your site. This does not include sites about the design of sleeves or photo-albums of DJ's and mixfreaks (the loop is about mixed audio, not about the video-aspects of it)...
  • After submitting your site, you select the HTML from the e-mail you receive (or from the site when shown), copy and paste it into your site and upload your page to your site. The HTML fragment MUST appear somewhere permanent on the page you submit when signing up,
    NOT on a separate "splash", "links" or "rings" page!
  • You have 2 weeks to add the code to your page. If the code is not detected by the loop's automated checker by that time, your site will be removed, without notice.
  • For consistency in the loop, the HTML fragment should appear 'as is'. The links in the code sent to you via e-mail must appear on your page - they should NOT open up in a new window (i.e. leave "target=_top" in the fragment).
  • If you move your page, you MUST change your listing at this page or notify JT or HZ - if you don't, it's likely your site will be removed from the ring.
  • We do not recommend to enter free redirect addresses to be in the loop, simply because most members have complained about their downtime and pop-ups; Ever so often the loop ends at a V3 URL. Free web-page hosting services full of advertising and javascript frames are not very welcome in this ring. The loop is checked automatically from time to time, sites without the proper code (or without the image) will be moved temporarily..

    "I submitted days ago, why is my site not there yet ?"

    Not every site gets in just like that.
    Use the code that has been e-mailed to you, don't play with it.
    Try not to use software like Frontpage when inserting the code. Sites without the proper code mix up the loop.
    Sometimes people enter a site without 1 functioning download-link.
    Sometimes a site is just way too heavy to load.
    Often people think they're smart and use the graphic to link to anything they like.
    On average there are around 5 submissions hoping for things to happen, while nothing will happen; The HTML-code is not visible on the URL submitted to be in the loop.
    If you have a site with FRAMES, make sure the code is on (one of the) visible target frames if it doesn't fit in a menu (click here to see how you can do that).

    Fine-tuning your loop-code...

    You can put the code on as many pages of your site as you want, however only one page can be part of the loop, since you will get only 1 ID-number.

    By default the code uses the image loop.gif, feel free to use any of the imagefiles below, and copy it to your own web-server so our bandwidth doesn't skyrocket.
    ONLY change the IMG SRC= entry, don't change other parts of the code.

    the current default = loop.gif

    ^ this is mixblood.gif

    ^ this is mixrwp.gif

    ^ this is mixgold.gif

    ^ this is mixtorm.gif

    ^ this is mixpower.gif

    ^ this is mixlime.gif

    ^ this is mixzee.gif

    ^ this is mixrain.gif

    ^ this is mixor.gif

    ^ this is mixbw.gif

    "Is my data safe with you?"

    We are probably among the very few people on the web you can trust. The database that holds your information is in a safe protected directory. This webring-stuff is run and managed privately by us, because we like it, because it's fast and easier to maintain, and because this is a very cool bunch of websites that should be interconnected. We don't get paid by a company to host this loop. And we hope that because we love it, it will love us back
    (now fade in the sound of tears ;-)

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