Musical Projects by JT & HZ
The tracks on this page are available on CD, but only by request.
Music produced from scratch by JTHZ, but also special versions, (re)mixes and remakes.
Note that Hens no longer wants to be connected to many things JTHZ, where I, Julius, do;
I'm not sorry for any of it, nor am I ashamed to put my name on it.

Don't forget to check Sections "Mixes" and "Freaky" below!

Title / Download-link to vbr ogg/mp3* - info                Length / Year first build

Better Stronger Faster | making of screenshot
 Six Million Dollar cuts by JTHZ, samples from the 70's TV-series         4:30 / 2002

A Little Love (JTHZ Cicada Dub) - CeeJay & JTHZ
 One of our best ever, vocal samples from 1988-hit What's Going On        5:38 / 2001

Esteematic Remix | review
 (personal favorite) freak cut based on Self Esteem by The Offspring      3:28 / 1994

Acting With Force (Launch Authorization Received)
 JTHZ original, featuring Bill Clinton and some SF-girl                   6:37 / 1996

Soul Dracula (Subway Invader pt.6) | review
 most passionate remake ever, based on Hot Blood's old disco-slammer      7:11 / 1984

Motherfckn Blowjob (Hard Mix) | More Info
 a JTHZ original Power Ballad, featuring Li'l Kim                         5:17 / 2000

Damn Studio 901 Remix
 based on Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B Hawkins                 4:13 / 1994

Damn Remix
 based on Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B Hawkins                 4:13 / 1994

YT (why tea mix)
 original JTHZ club-track (download is 9.4 MB)                            7:38 / 2000

Five By Five (instrumental version)
 an original JTHZ breakbeat track                                         5:37 / 2000

That's Off The Block It Is
 famous cut up remake of That's The Way It Is - Mel n Kim                 5:08 / 1988

To The Beat Of The Drum (Rhythm Space Activated Remix)
 from our analog archives, our version of the dancehit by Wired           3:58 / 1986

What Did Ya Say? | More Info
 JTHZ Gangsta scratchin' featuring Clint Eastwood doggy-style             3:33 / 2000

Scalactic Serenity
 old original JTHZ composition, sad dark slow theme                       4:01 / 1987

GellarCity (instrumental)
 JTHZ original breakin' production/composition, remixed!                  2:05 / 2002

Saturation (instrumental version)
 JTHZ original synth composition / production                             3:53 / 2002

Halé Hey Louise (JTHZ Remix) | info
 JTHZ Remix of big 1981 hit from Ricky King                               4:36 / 2001

Hallez Louiz Bonuz Beatz | info
 JTHZ original, featuring Ricky King's hit-record                         2:49 / 2001

8 voor 8 | 'making of' info
 JTHZ original, featuring samples BNR                                     5:57 / 2001

The Void That Was The Heart (instrumental version)
 cool basey JTHZ original composition / production                        5:29 / 2001

Ooh La La (JTHZ AirFX cut)
 cool remix of single by The Wiseguys                                     5:02 / 2001

Stone (Hold Back The Night)
 project based on original by Peter John Vetesse                          5:34 / 2000

Santa Decided 2 Skip This Town | Behind the scenes Info
 very cool track composed/arranged/produced by JTHZ                       2:46 / 2000

Greed (JTHZ Remix) | Info
 based on Laurent Garnier's Greed sounds                                  3:37 / 2000

M i x e s  ( more than one record used )

1988 YearMix (Energy Boost 88) - has its own webpage
 one of our best analog mixes ever, Radio 10 - BVD jaarmix 1988          32:05 / 1988

1987 YearMix (Bust This 87) - has its own webpage
 one of our best mixes ever, a.k.a. TROS BVD jaarmix 10-12-1987          31:08 / 1987

FebruarySummerStreet Mix | Info + Tracklist
 cool old immensely popular electro-featured discomix   [final]           9:55 / 1987

AM-FM To Perfection Mix | Info + Tracklist
 cool old well-known slow-dance discomix   [final]                       10:21 / 1987

It Takes A Mix To Fall In Love | Info + Tracklist
 very cool old discomix, a.k.a. Second Day Answers Mix  [final]          10:37 / 1986

Natural Highness Mix ("Popmuziek is gebonk") | Info + Tracklist
 action packed old mix re-coated and restored                            11:51 / 1986

My Favorite DJ (See Feel Dub) (10 Mb download!) | Info
 old-school discomix based on He's My Favourite DJ - Nance/Cooly D        9:12 / 1997

Show Me Dub (mix 0001)
 samples taken from Show Me Love - Robyn and others...                    4:13 / 2000

W A R N I N G  FREAKY TRACKS  ( no reason not to try ;-)

X op X (OwinnicapMandy Remake)
 cutting rollercoaster ride on Bolland+Bolland girlgroup Wow! hit         7:01 / 1997

Republical Darkness
 freak cut based on Out Of The Darkness - Republica                       2:37 / 1996

A Beat Called JTHZ
 fun cut based on 8 intro-beats of A Beat Called Love - The Grid          3:53 / 1995

Animalistic Cry River Remix
 all sounds originated from Animal - Def Leppard                          3:29 / 1988

This Is Valentines Night (Amberfabs cut)
 cutting heaven in remake of This Is Your Night - Amber                   4:23 / 1997

Idiot (a.k.a. "Time And Again")
 effect freaking piece based on several Italian dancetracks from 1996     3:04 / 1995

Edits Of Mayhem Shiii! | More Info
 based on Methods Of Mayhem sounds                                        1:48 / 2000

Terrible Summertime Love | More Info
 most sounds originated from Boys - Sabrina                               2:55 / 1991

Nite And JTHZ And Day (Sparkplug Dub)
 remix based on Day And Night - Billie Piper                              2:49 / 2000

Ticket To Cut Core
 cut based on happy/unhappy hardcore and more ninetees material           6:59 / 1997

 freak cut based on heavy alternative track by Skinny Puppy               3:41 / 2002


DanceWave Mix (Eraserheadswitch) | Info + Tracklist
 old mix featuring vinyl from 1983-1986, re-coated and restored          12:13 / 1986
Alone | More Info
 remake of Alone (Heart) featuring Julius                                 3:30 / 1985
Little One | More Info
 remake of Little One (Bing Crosby) featuring Hens                        2:29 / 1986
True Love On Da Dancefloor | More Info
 vocal medley based on Dancin' The Night Away (Voggue)                    7:45 / 1986
I Wanna Rock | More Info
 remake of I Wanna Rock (Bobby O) featuring Hens                          5:04 / 1987

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