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YEAH? When working on the digital final of this mix we gave it back its original working title... AM-FM To Perfection mix 10m22s downloadlink is here some old notes from the creation process
Notice us both actually rapping on 9:46 ;-) in this mix.. we must have paved the way for many eurodance-type acts with similar 'unhealthy' raps about 'love' that came after that. Records (vinyl) and sounds used in order of appearance (includes all samples): Dancing Queen - ABBA (1976 vinyl) Will You Satisfy - Cherelle AM-FM - Natasha King Safety Dance - Men Without Hats Beatwave - Warp 9 Close To Perfection - Miquel Brown Borrowed Love - The S.O.S.-band Point Of No Return - Earlene Bentley Just The Way You Like It - The S.O.S.-band When You Look Into My Eyes - Cherelle Bad Habits - Jenny Burton On A Crowded Street - Barbara Pennington I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz This Night - Peter Jacques-Band Say I'm Your Number One - Princess The Record Keeps Spinning - Indeep To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) - Mel Brooks What You Gonna Do About It - Total Contrast Goldmine - The Pointer Sisters Self Control (the original!) - Raff White Heat - Madonna sample taken from The Virgin Tour video - Madonna Good Things Come To Those Who Wait - Nayobe Suspicion - Brenda K. Starr Point Of No Return - Nu Shooz Come On And Do It - Poussez Passion - The Flirts You Look Good To Me - Cherelle (Love Is Just) The Game - Peter Brown True Blue - Madonna
YEAH? When working on the digital final of this 1986 mix we gave it back the original 1986 title: It Takes A Mix To Fall In Love 10m37s the preview was called Second Day Answers mix and has already been downloaded over 1200 times ! Download the (much higher quality) final from the JTHZ music listing page
This mix was kind of a break-through for us. It even got us some paid projects in club-deejay-world. Especially the parts where Open Your Heart switches to and from several other tracks, but also some overlays, cuts and word-jokes made it gain cult-status. It seems this mix just won't die, we still receive e-mails about it from all over the world! We think it's one of our most intense and weird mixes ever.. Notice Julius' vocals in this mix on 08:46 and Hens playing a tremendous piano-solo in the back on an old Casio-board ;-) The sound of this mix is somewhat 'boomy', this not only stems from how records used to sound back then, it's also because we had some calibration troubles with Maxell tapes on our Revox B77. Records (vinyl) and sounds used in order of appearance (includes all samples): The Second Day - Sandra Lovelife - MDMC Rock The Boat - Forrest Baby Talk - Alisha It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love - Spectral Display Mr.Magic's Wand - Whodini Talk To Me - Chico Débarge Mr.Big Stuff - Loise Mason Loveride - Nuance A Love Bizarre - Sheila E. The Look Of Love - ABC Open Your Heart - Madonna Hit And Run - Total Contrast I Wanna Be With You - Armenta and Majik Honey To The Bee - Patti Austin Out Of Control - Evelyn Champagne King Non-stop - New York Skyy Muzik Non Stop - Kraftwerk Givin' It - New York Skyy When I Think Of You - Janet Jackson What Do I Do? - Galaxy featuring Phil Fearon My Love Won't Let You Down - Nathalie The Heat Of Heat - Patti Austin Eight Arms To Hold You - Goonsquad I'm The One Who Really Loves You - Austin Howard Sing Sing Sing Sing - The Broads Love How You Feel - Sharon Redd eeh.. ? - Pet Shop Boys Spank 69 - Brooklyn Express Holiday - Madonna Love Of A Lifetime - Chaka Kahn All Night Passion - Alisha Control - JBT Magic Touch (Club Mix) - Loose Ends Long Way Up - MDMC (the door-sound) Stronger Together - Shannon Sound Effects and Linndrumfills - Ben Liebrand R.R.Express - Rose Royce (1981) Man Size Love - Klymaxx Don't Stand Another Chance - Janet Jackson
YEAH? When working on the digital final of this mix we gave it back its original early 1987 title: FebruarySummerStreet mix 9m55s and you may DOWNLOAD the final here
This mix basically consists of 2 different parts, the one before and the one after the 'breaks'. Again, notice Julius singing some subtle bits in this mix on 8:35 and 8:42 ;-) You also hear some samples taken from ALF, the tv-series. We were not inspired by Ben Liebrand btw (when this mix was finished Ben's first ALF-mix had not even been on the radio yet..) Records (vinyl) and sounds used in order of appearance (includes all samples): Neemt Nog Op Ook - Vic I Still Remember - Sly Fox IOU - Freeez (John Rocca edit) Honey To A B - Tina B Now And Forever - Bobby Orlando Tuch Me - Fonda Rae January February - Tina B He Wants My Body - Starpoint Pickin' Up Pieces - Brenda K. Starr You're Only Foolin' Yourself - Paul Hardcastle Shoot Me Gino - Valerie Claire Summertime Summertime - Nocera 'The Hitchhiker' series - scream by actress Karen Black C'est La Vie - Robbie Neville Party Freak - Ca$hflow Going Crazy - Mike Cannon Dr.Beat - Miami Sound Machine samples taken from tv-series; Alien Life Form Talkin' - * (JB House blabla..?) Streetdance - Break Machine Operator - Midnight Star Prove It Boy - Picture Perfect Showin' Out - Mel & Kim Hi Hi Hi - Sandra Passion - The Flirts Void Vision - Cyber PEOLE ;-) Everybody - Madonna Mr. DJ - The Concept Okay - Julius Thyssen Baby Doll - Premio Nobel Straight Ahead - Nick Straker Band Blue Disease - Vivien Vee Dancing In The Street - Shalamar So Tranquilizin' - Cosmetic with Jamaaladeen Tacuma Candy Love - 2 ice Girls (?) sample taken from The Virgin Tour video - Madonna
YEAH? When working on the digital final of this mix we gave it back its original early 1986 title: NHBVD mix 11m51s and you may DOWNLOAD the final here
This mix is basically Julius and Hens freaking out with some of their most appreciated crossovers and records from those days, deliberately using synth-solo's and soulful parts with lyrics they liked. Check a pic of some original draft-notes. Records (vinyl) and sounds used in order of appearance (includes all samples): How To Pick Up Girls - Bobby "O" Tommy Gunn - Tom Browne Shoot Me Gino - Valerie Claire Suncity - Artists United Against Little Steven Let Me See Your I.D. - Artists United Against Apartheid I'O'U' - Freeez I Got Rhythm Import - The Broads Give Me Tonight - Shannon On The Upside - Xena (the Boss DrRhythm drumsequencer, with:) * - Human League * - Fun Fun If You Want My Love ("yous" sample) - Change PowerDrill - Goonsquad * - Vicki Brown(?) Doll Squad - Nile Rogers Temptation - The Flirts Passion - The Flirts New Toy (we thought) - Flirts some other Bob Orlando thing Boogie Nights - LaFleur Theme From Rodeo (Wilhelm Tell's Overture) - Doctor's Cat Heat You Up Melt You Down (Melt Down Mix) - Shirley Lites Takin' It Straight - Cori Josias Dr. Beat - Miami Sound Machine My Midnight Radio - Taffy (the italo synth-solo is also from that one!) Dancin' To Be Dancin' - Skyy (sample from Dubride - Nuance feat. Vikki Love is also in here) Dance Lover - Mikki Love's Just The Game - Peter Brown Love Game (and 'A Love Dub') - Pure Energy feat. Lisa Stevens Weekend - Class Action Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman Happy Song - Baby's Gang - the end-explosion and car are from some sound-effects albums - the end-scratch is from some actual damaging of vinyl and needle ;-) - the end door-slam is from The Look Of Love - ABC - the end-click is from a home-built pause-button These mixes are NOT copyright infringements, if anything they promote worldwide sales of the music we used for it. Be aware that we can't possibly get permission to release these mixes officially. Not only would it be far too expensive (one CD would easily contain over 120 different artists dropping their lines...), there's just no time and money to get that done for so many tracks. (Not for anyone!) If it wasn't for mixes like ours being played so much, many wouldn't even know the tracks in it. We claim copyright over some (re-)mixes, over parts of them, but have made and will make close to NO money with them. They are encouraging listeners to either like or buy music used in these (re)mixes. Without the actions performed on these records, this music just wouldn't be worth as much (we think each track gets better when (re)mixed!).
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