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All about dance music megamixes.
https://welcome.mixcyclopedia.fotki.com/ - 5284 hits - 7-January-2001

JTHZ Music Productions
Old and new (re)mixes by JTHZ can be found on this site, and also details about these mixes and their creation.
https://JTHZ.COM/music/ - 4338 hits - 22-October-2000

Mixfreaks.nl Mixfreaks Portal
Mixfreaks Member website
https://www.mixfreaks.nl/ - 3067 hits - 30-April-2001

Thunder's Music Page
Info about DMC, various Mixes, Megamixes, Deep Dance, etc.
https://thunder.esmartmusic.com/ - 6156 hits - 23-October-2000

Homepage van Pieter Joosten
Homepage of Pieter Joosten. Mainly interesting information about my mixes (like the Mission Impossible Mix and the Nineties Mix)
https://home.planet.nl/~joost672/Framesets/index.htm - 3025 hits - 30-January-2002

Official Dj Einstein website
Here you can find information about the mixes, remixes, megamixes and mashups made by Einstein (Hans van Setten) in the past years for several radiostations.
https://www.djeinstein.nl - 756 hits - 19-April-2005

The Space of Trance KollektiV
Mixt.nl site van The Space of Trance KollektiV en DJ D-re
https://www.mixt.nl/index2.htm - 763 hits - 27-September-2004

DJ Marz Mixes Online, Monthly updated with a new mix
https://www.djmarz.com/ - 2583 hits - 30-April-2003

mixfreaks danamrk
mixfreaks danmark
https://www.mixfreaks.dk - 1509 hits - 16-April-2003

DJBarfeet Mega-Re Mixes
DJ Barfeet Megamixes, Linkz, etc.
https://djbarfeet.cjb.net/ - 5763 hits - 2-January-2001

: : : D A N C E M I S S I O N : : :
Here you will find everything about DanceMission. Download for free ; mixes, remixes, megamixes, yearmixes etc
https://www.dancemission.nl/index.htm - 2625 hits - 9-February-2003

Das digitale Nachschlagewerk für alle Studio-Audio-M!X-Produzenten und audiophilen Soundbastler !
https://www.tase-mix.de - 842 hits - 21-July-2004

New Megamixer Generation
Portal for dj´s and mixers
https://www.nmg-germany.de - 457 hits - 31-July-2005

The Legendary Curry and van Inkel Show
news, snippets, shows, photo's of the award winning legendary curry and van inkel show
https://clogwog.net/cenvi/ - 4102 hits - 5-November-2000

DJ Johnathan mixes and remix service.
Mix, Remix and compilation service. You can freely download the mixes and remixes.
https://www.dj-johnathan.be/links.htm - 453 hits - 19-July-2005

Drifterseries - Remixes and SoundProjects
Drifterseries - Remixes of House, Jungle, Rap, Rock or whatever comes around. Free downloads of alternative sounds... Be sure to sign my guestbook...
https://www.ds2.nl/drifterseries/index.html - 1185 hits - 2-September-2004

DISCO DANCE - het blad
DISCO DANCE - het blad Uitgegeven tussen 1979 en 1993. Nu op internet een herhaling van een aantal artikelen.
https://members.brabant.chello.nl/~a.vandenbroek9/ - 3629 hits - 2-August-2001

Presenting 80's, 90's and new remixes by the MAU-Project, as well as 80's (Dance) Classics, rare songs etc. etc. Links and Download section.
https://mixmeup.8m.com/ - 5568 hits - 8-September-2001

MashUps, Megamixes and More
MashUps, Megamixes and more stuff is available at DJ Swa's site.
https://www.djswa.com - 1383 hits - 1-August-2004
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