ShuTZ 2000

© 2000 Thyssen & Zimmerman

Shutdown or Reboot with just 1 touch

Our very latest version of this handy utility, for use in ALL Windows 9*/2000/ME versions. Yet another update, making it THE QUICKEST 32-bit Shutdowner available on the planet; Exits and/or Reboots by 1 click in the taskbar. Others were too slow for our taste, or needed 2 mouse-clicks; SHUTZ works with 1 file, the executable.  Click here to download


Copy Shutz.exe to a directory of your choice. No doubt C:\ will be THE quickest hot spot though. Simply run it once from its resting place. After that you'll have some kind of (S) in the taskbar, and you're ready to go. We like to emphasize that
we have NEVER accidently hit the button by mistake.


Click on the tray-icon with your LEFT mouse-button. Closing your Windows session occurs in the fastest possible method we could come up with. According to programs still running with unsaved business SHUTZ does NOT override the usual prompting (=100% safe). It bypasses normal procedures to exit, but it is NOT dangerous and causes NO damage. It must take some idiot to let this little darling mess something up, so no disclaimer this time around!


Click on the tray-icon with your RIGHT mouse-button.
Windows will now RESTART (instead of shut down).


You don't need to quit Shutz when other programs ask you to Close ALL programs running in the background, so we see no reason to ever do so, but you CAN close SHUTZ at any time by holding down the SHIFT-key and clicking on the tray-icon with the LEFT mouse-button. This removes SHUTZ from the taskbar (and memory) during the current session.


In case you are using a version released prior to this one, it is highly recommended to uninstall the old one and overwrite Shutz.exe with the latest release (and run it once to install it anew).


You can stop SHUTZ from installing itself next time you start Windows by doing this: Hold down the SHIFT-key while clicking on the tray-icon with the RIGHT mouse-button. This removes SHUTZ from the taskbar (and memory). For those who like to know, Shutz uses this registry-entry:
"Shtz"=your path to Shutz.exe


Shutz is compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 PRO, making it run faster, using less CPU-cycles and practically NO memory! We added NO copyright-text, Versioninfo or other non-sense to the executable. In other words: you won't feel a thing having it running in the back! We have not yet encountered anything remotely close to a bug in this release.

SHUTZ 2000 is created by Hens Zimmerman & Julius Thyssen © 07-2000
Special thanks go out to:
- Those that have e-mailed requests regarding the improvements that are all implemented.
- Paul L. and Gary H. for beta-testing in their wild and crazy Windows environments.
- All webmasters worldwide promoting this thing volontarily!
- Skynetweb, ASHosting, Frans, Jane
- Several girls.

There are also 2 executables that (when run) cause shutdown / restart
get 'em at
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Feel free to contact us.

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