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download TrueTypeFonts ( packed to 750K - for Win311 or up ) UPDATED TXT 2004
16 old fonts by Julius. A few of our personal best and favourite creations. Some rough and edgy, some very modern and renovating. Top of the line in Typography though. Most are completely new, created from scratch, some are great improvements on existing typefaces. All legal and very well tested! If you use TTF-files, you should try these for sure! Also included is Immortle.fon, a cool system-screen-font for use in Windows.
This package includes:

download Julius Thyssen-TTF
( rar-packed to 76K - for Win311 or up ) UPDATED TXT 2004
Get the latest version of this handwriting-font, one of the better actual handwritten-like fonts available. Derived from Julius' OWN handwriting! If you use TTF-files, you should at least try this one! (this TTF is also in the larger pack above)

download the latest version Shutz2000 6.3
( downloadsize 11K - for Win2000/9*/ME )
No nonsense speedy Shutdown/Reset-button in taskbar-tray. Those long shutdown-procedures are over! EXIT is 1 mouseclick left, RESTART is 1 click right! Uses virtually no memory. Run Shutz.exe once, a red button will appear in your taskbar each Windows-session after that. Compiled with MS Visual C++ 6 Pro, making it smaller, faster and safe. Click here for detailed info.

download the latest version Shutz2000 On Run ( downloadsize 17K - for Win2000/9*/ME )
We also created 2 separate executables; One that Shuts down when run, and another that restarts when run; You can invoke these from schedulers, drop a shortcut in the tray, etc. for users that like that (we don't).
Small screenshot of how it might look in your taskbar...

download agent mail-client patcher Forté Agent patcher ( download-size 13Kb) April 2002
Don't know what this patch is for? Still messing with Outlook Express? Try Agent! This patcher OPTIONALLY removes Agent's splash-screen, the X-Newsreader/X-Mailer header and/or the MIME-version header, and alters header-entries like Message-ID, Distribution and Keywords.
Works on the installed executable of Forté Agent 1.91/32, the best e-mail/usenet client we know.
Check out a screenshot of the patcher.

download passwordkiller Password Killer ( size 18K - works in Win9*/XP not in Win2000 )
So you want to know what's behind the
******* in a Windows dialog box? Just run PWkill.exe when the password-field is visible et voila! Yes we're really proud of this one! PWKill makes no permanent changes; It visualizes the asterixes, no more no less. Comes in handy when you have some ini-file with encoded passwords in it; use the ini-file, open the password edit dialog-box and visualize the stars! Also useable if you don't feel like messing with these .pwl-files. - Sourcecode included.
Note that it does not work on every kind of password control. HTML password textfields (as used in forms) and some other types of password-fields do not react to EM_GETPASSWORDCHAR.

download BumpTime BumpTime ( download-size 280K - for use in Win9*/NT ) Update 14/02/2000
Small program that looks for the exact time on the internet and sets your PC-clock. It has some cool extra features (it can BUMP up the PC-clock's time by any given extra, can run at startup); This one's small, free and can be set to close itself after time is set.
Still in a beta-stage; No Help or Support for this one.

download appearance New Colorscheme ( download-size 70K - for use in Win9*/NT) ! NOT FOR WIN2000 !
Bored with those cold unnatural schemes you can't really work with? We present you a package including: A cool Windows-Appearance Colorscheme Julius designed. Homemade fonts for system and desktop, currently used cursor-files, and some relevant settings. No DeskTop Theme-support needed.

download Meminfo.exe
( download-size 144K - for Win9* ) INFO Improved april 1999
Smallest memorytracker you've ever seen, a must have! You can use it to hunt down memory-leaks, and it has some cool extra features;   Background turns blue when situation becomes unstable (change in memory-usage), turns black when mem's stabilized. Marks and compares memory situations.

download Rainbow 4.0
( download-size 37K - for Win95 or up )
This one is a REAL TREAT for HTML-editors and Webmasters. Header of this page was done with this thing. It produces spectral-coloring with the FONT-tag for placement in HTML-documents.
NEW IN VERSION 4:  2 EXTRA OPTIONS! Click here to see an explaining example. Run it together with a HTML-editor, pick colors, write/paste the text you want colored, press 'Dump HTML' and the necessary code is in the clipboard! All you need to do from there is paste it in the open document you are working on. Much less data or work than a transparent GIF. Generates valid OR stripped HTML !

(for Win95 or up - download-size 95K)
Third unofficial prerelease of version 4.5 of our ultrafast WAV Jingle-machine-player, including old version of TZ_wav.exe (the wav-files merger).
Prerelease with help-file, for the impatient. The actual release of Versions 4.5 of the TZ-audio-utilities someday will be available here!

download the Win Enumerator
( download-size 52K - for Win95/98 )
Version 3.6 of ENUMWIN.EXE: A Windows-enumerator, this little utility lists ALL active parent-windows + all their child-windows. NOT a lame version of WinSight32, no, this one enables you to SHOW all windows and see what windows are really there! You can break down your whole view with it.. ;-)

download ClipTexts-dumper !
( download-size 468K - for Win311 or up )
Handy FREEWARE-utility; Create a directory, something like C:\CM , put all files from this self-extracting package in one folder and run clipmore.exe and read the about. This thingy can come in handy when you often need the clipboard for more than one text. You can put as many different texts in this clipboard-dumping database as you like. Try it, you'll see what it does when you run it! Another thing we thought was missing in the operating system.
Win95 and Win311 are both cool with this 16bit-pack.

Contraband 9i
(for Win311 or up - download-size 245K)
This program embeds any file into true-color BMP's (and extracts it out of the BMP). Make a file invisible for outsiders by hiding it in a picture! Make censorship over any data-exchange a useless activity. Legal anti-spionage pro-privacy utility. This is an original, not some copied project (we've seen some others almost exactly like this on the web). Steganography tools are the NSA's worst nightmare, if you're smart you'll understand why...
  IMPORTANT INFO on CONTRABAND you should read:
There will always be intellectual powerhouses on this planet writing bullshit like this:
    Cracker by Massimiliano
    Contraband is a steganography program that uses an unsound encryption algorithm; Uncontra will crack it. You can also visit the Contraband site for entertainment, as the authors describe Contraband as an "NSA nightmare." Seems the kids who wrote Contraband don't understand that a strong encryption algorithm remains strong even if the the source code is provided.
The 'kid' writing this is probably younger than we are. The 16-bit Contraband is a steganographic tool, it has not much to do with unsound encryption. Doesn't he know that steganography and scrambling are 2 totally different things? The old Contraband is NOT an encoder, the scrambling we used (in that version) is only added as a small extra, to make the embedding somewhat irregular, more personal & less predictable. At the same time he thinks this is a program that needs cracking, while it's always been free, with open sourcecode! We're much more proud of
CONTRABAND HELL EDITION, a Windows 95/98/NT version, which has an unbreakable encoder built in! The final will become available when we have time to finish all the writing involved.
CLICK HERE for a BETA release
(xperienced Windows users will get it just fine!)

Snapshot Utility ChangePI 4.5 (download-size 75K - for Win311 or up)
High quality FREEWARE snapshot-utility to track down changes on a drive. Simple and easy to use, less fancy or complex than many others out there. Initially created for own use, now put out for YOU! No change will escape the eyes of the Change Private Investigator. Needs BWCC.DLL (not included).

the final SDU.exe
(download-size 65K - for DOS6.2 or up)
Top ENCRYPTION software for free. Transfer your files in a safe way! PGP is still easy to crack compared to the level of encoding you can get out of this baby! It has a very logical and easy to use windows-like user-interface and is also perfect to use in Win95 or NT! (slow, yet strong) - Available here in a self-extracting package.
Programma dat files versleuteld en terug ont-sleuteld. De 'passwords' of sleutels, bestaan uit zelf te kiezen (key)files, mede hierdoor en door toepassing van eigen algorithmen (de-)codeert S-Dunger uw files veilig en gegarandeerd betrouwbaar!

(download-size 164K - for DOS6.2 & up)
A self-extracting package with handy DOS-utilities we created over the years. Recompiled for speed. All still OK with Windows 95. Includes the fast timedater, very cool when you produce packed CD-roms and want to time-stamp many files at once etc. Also in the pack you'll find our old monitor-calibrator, Julius' better DOS-font, 'omnidel', the windows-timebomb and THE LEGENDARY #2.exe
(converts DOS/OEM-text to a less legible yet very distinguished look. Makes it look like you are a VIP of the hackberg, a coder to the bone, one of the low-levellers. 'Scrambles' DOS-text yet leaves it in a readable format. FUN! Works from commandline, and only where DOS-charset ASCII-view is available!)

POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE (download-size 25K - for DOS6.2 or up)
Disk Encryption System KOH Version 1.10 ! This disk encryption system employs a state-of-the-art encryption algorithm called IDEA in conjunction with a sophisticated low-level disk intercept to secure your IBM compatible personal computer system from intrusion. REMEMBER YOUR PASS PHRASE! This program contains no back-doors. Forget your pass phrase, and your data is gone! USE AT OWN RISK

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