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THE DANGEROUS COUSINS proudly present some legendary (re)mixes, now in the digital domain (MPEG Layer 3 demo-releases). These are complete versions but previews, for the impatient ;-) - quality will be higher later on this year -
EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FROM HERE some of our freaky home-made projects/remakes: if MP3's are zipped, for software to unzip click here...
- Soul Dracula - Subway Invader Remix part 5, a 7 minute remake of Dracula's Theme + Soul Dracula originally by HOT BLOOD. A Top 10 hit in 1977, long after its release in 1975. We did part 1 back in 1984, and part 4 in 1991 (involving delays and a new intro and outro). JBT on keyboards (additional organ/synth arrangements) and both of us (Hens and Julius) doing a superb job totally rebuilding and restyling this disco-track by cutting it up! The tape-splicing 'breaks' were truly done © 1984, not using any digital audio equipment ! Only a few of them are from 1986. - Next to school-stuff we were busy with this project for about a month. We did it mostly because we liked the track, and (as far as we knew) it had never been remixed before. Parts 1, 2 and 3 have been played a lot on several free/pirate radiostations. We're still quite proud of this remake, somehow it seems better than many others we've made. Definitely one of our personal favorite projects ever. - The Amsterdam Subway-sounds (METRO) were recorded with a huge old stereo cassetterecorder. Another interesting funny detail: At 04:20 in this remix you hear J sniffing his nose. This (sound) soon evolved into a 'hidden' JTHZ-trademark, returning in nearly ALL our (re)mixes... So here it is, directly from mastertape: Click here to DOWNLOAD | VBR MP3 | 11 MB - Decharge!, a short but cool project from 1995 involving samples from the Offspring (Self Esteem), James Brown and Herbie Hancock (Rockit). A JTHZ concept, obviously :-) Click here to DOWNLOAD | 128 kbit MP3 | 3.4 MB This mix-track has been released before on CD-rom by Sybex. - Get Naked (JTHZ XtyCany0N duB) Our cut-up version of this Methods Of Mayhem track. Music Tommy Lee / Lyrics T.Lee/Tilo/Fred Durst/Lil Kim Click here to DOWNLOAD (slow server) | 256 kbit MP3 | 8 MB
Some of the old mixes were made with this darling SOME OF OUR DISCO/DANCE-MIXES ARE: Second Day Answers [mix] AM-FM To Perfection [mix] Februarysummerstreet [mix] These 3 are not our first mixes, probably not our best either, but the special attention they have gotten is understandable.. DJ's and mixfreaks and listeners and yes even some actual fans were either very happy about what we did with the music or asked us to 'do' or 'use' their favorite track(s) in the next mix. You could hear first versions of these mixes back in the mid eightees on free ('pirate') radiostations in Europe. Usually the shorter ones also got played on TROS Radio 3 one or two months later, this was in Ferry Maat's Soul Show. He and his colleages awarded us with the Star-mixers title (wow!). We've adjusted parts of these mixes to improve overall sound; Unwanted noise, balance- and level-changes, clicks and things like that have been carefully removed (or we have attempted to remove them ;-) Sound of these mixes is now better than ever before... The rough cuts (all analog) are left as authentic as possible though. Much higher quality versions (uncompressed) will be available on CD later this year. Click here for another page where you can download some multi-mixes and see tracklistings.. Enjoy ! (and definitely try them on headphones! ;-)
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